S4YE Impact Portfolio


With sites ranging from Colombia to Cambodia and Turkey to Tanzania, the S4YE Impact Portfolio (IP) is a group of 44 diverse and high-potential youth employment projects that represent 38 developing countries from six regions. These projects were selected through a blind-process by independent reviewers.

This unique group of youth employment projects is a “learning laboratory” for the S4YE Coalition. Through the Impact Portfolio, S4YE aims to learn, assess, showcase, and potentially support the scaling of innovative youth employment interventions. To this end, S4YE is developing joint knowledge products, building a network of youth employment actors, and facilitating targeted technical guidance to ongoing projects in specific areas of high demand. 


The Impact Portfolio started in 2017, as an initial cohort of 19 high-potential and innovative youth employment projects. We curated the ‘micro-innovations’ from these 19 projects to publish the S4YE Impact Portfolio Report. As a community, the IP continued to lead several global knowledge products and events. Building on the success of this first cohort and keeping up with the need for agile innovations in the rapidly changing world of work, in 2019, we decided to expand this community. The new projects,  included after a global call for applications followed by an external panel led selection process, have helped to bring fresh perspectives from across the globe. 

S4YE Impact Portfolio Factbook is designed to aide practitioners and highlights interesting design elements from the "44 youth employment programs" that now make up our external community of practice, the Impact Portfolio. Projects from leading organizations such as Harambee, Samasource, Generation, Save the Children, Aga Khan Development Network, Knack, and many more are part of this community. These projects represent a spectrum of themes which include Digital Jobs and Skills, Private Sector Involvement, Business Incubation and Acceleration, Impact Sourcing, Digital Platforms, Agriculture, Youth with Disabilities, Woman and Girls, as well as Refugees.

If you'd like to learn more about Impact Portfolio, please contact Sunamika Singh (ssingh30 (at) worldbank (dot) org).