Humans in the Loop


Humans in the Loop (HITL) is an award-winning Social Enterprise which has been working for the past 6 years towards the inclusion of refugees and conflict-affected people in the AI supply chain, as well as in the digital work field, through upskilling and paid remote work opportunities. HITL is active across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, and their work-related opportunities are primarily focused on communities affected by armed conflict and are distributed with priority to countries where other remote online job opportunities are unavailable as for example Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon. Across all their locations in addition to access to work, HITL provides upskilling opportunities, equipping people with work relevant skills such as English language, Digital Skills (programming, graphic design, data analysis) and Freelancing skills. To date, the organization has provided work to over 1000 people, distributing over 1.4 million Euros in salaries and training to over 600 people with the skills to enter the global digital economy.

Founding year: 2017

Countries: Bulgaria, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya 

Themes: Artificial Intelligence, Refugees/people displaced by conflict , Access to work 


Key Highlights


HITL’s Innovative Structure: HITL is a hybrid between a profit-making company and a registered charity. This enables them to work with international clients in the I.T sector while also providing additional support for their workers, taking into consideration their unique circumstances. It also enables them to broaden their upskilling programs, providing paid mock work projects to trainees which enable them to fully participate in the training without losing out financially.  


HITL’s Unique Impact Sourcing Model: HITL’s unique impact sourcing model allows it to work in some of the most challenging locations, providing work and digital upskilling opportunities to those often left behind. By partnering with local, often refugee led NGOs on the ground, HITL is able to recruit, train and pay annotators in locations including Lebanon, Afghanistan and Syria.