About is a B company, a certified social enterprise, which promotes the social and labor inclusion of people with disabilities. is present in 14 countries in Latin America, has worked with more than 700 companies, has included more than 3,500 people with disabilities in the labor sector and has registered more than 240,000 people with disabilities in its job portal.

Founding year: 2013 

Countries: Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Dominican Republic

Themes: Inclusion, Persons with Disabilities, Jobs and Skills, Digital Platforms  


Key Highlights

a has the largest database of people with disabilities in Latin America, including all types of disabilities.

a has the largest regional training platform for people with disabilities. They have trained 12,000+ people with disabilities so far.

a has helped 3,500+ people with disabilities to get hired.