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S4YE's partners are advocates for the identification and promotion of innovative solutions for youth employment. They may be champions, implementers, peer organizations, or learning partners in the youth employment sector. The Coalition has an ambitious goal to increase its network to 50 partners and 2,500 supporters by 2020. This is in line with the Coalition’s strategic priorities. A special focus for expansion is on key players in the private sector. 

S4YE's partners are listed below

The S4YE coalition was founded, in partnership, by Accenture, International Labour
Organization (ILO), International Youth Foundation (IYF), Plan International,
RAND Corporation, the World Bank, and Youth Business International (YBI).

Partner with S4YE

S4YE partners are committed to actively volunteer knowledge, and other resources to the Coalition and, importantly, align their institutional resources behind the S4YE mission over time

S4YE's partners include both Governance and Operational Partners. Governance Partners are large scale actors with established youth employment experience who serve on S4YE’s Board of Directors and provide substantial financial contributions or, in some cases, in kind contributions to the S4YE programs. Operational Partners are actors who engage primarily through participation in its operations or work program, in addition to financial or in kind contributions. Some Operational Partners contribute promising and innovative youth employment projects/initiatives to S4YE’s operational portfolio.

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