Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG)


Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG) is a donor funded program of Mercy Corps that helps Palestine’s young population and companies earn incomes online to create a sustainable economy, despite Palestine's unique political challenges and despite global competition of tech talent from low-cost countries. Annually, GSG helps thousands of young Palestinians bridge the gap between graduating from university and earning a decent income online. GSG helps Palestinian individuals and companies succeed by providing trainings in high-value tech skills, and connections to overseas employers and markets. Successful individuals and companies bring revenue into Palestine, employ more young Palestinians, and help to build a sustainable inclusive economy despite the challenges in Palestine.

Founding year: 2011

Countries: Palestine (Gaza and West Bank) 

Themes: Future of Work, Digital Skills, Inclusion


Key Highlights


GSG Programs and Interventions Stream 1: Capacity building of Palestinian individuals to earn income online. This includes a wide range of technical and employability skills.


GSG Programs and Interventions Stream 2: Capacity building of Palestinian companies to earn income online from overseas markets. This includes: supplying quality talent to help the companies meet the specialist needs of overseas markets; and providing business development skills for companies to secure more overseas customers and revenue.


GSG Programs and Interventions Stream 3: Market Access. GSG delivers a suite of interventions to help Palestinian individuals and companies access overseas markets for skills development, partnerships, and revenue generation.