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S4YE Sets Ambitious Strategy

Marking International Youth Day, S4YE launches its first five-year strategy, supporting employment and productive work for 150 million youth by 2030. Follow the conversation at #Jobs4Youth.

Five-Year Strategy

Now Available: S4YE Inaugural Flagship Report - Toward Solutions for Youth Employment: A 2015 Baseline Report

Today, the odds are stacked against youth around the world. In the next 10 years...

  • Over 1 billion people will enter in the job market
  • Only 40% will be able to enter jobs that currently exists
  • 621 million young people are not employed or in education or training
  • Young people are 4x more likely to be employed than adults

With a record number of young people on the planet, combatting the persistent youth employment crisis will take teamwork, a strong knowledge base, and targeted resources. To learn more about the existing youth employment challenge and proven interventions, read the Overview and Full Report.

NEW! S4YE and RAND Corporation Launch Report: The Private Sector and Youth Skills and Employment Programs

Understanding the implications, challenges and synergies of how the private sector engage in the youth employment arena is a key element in understanding how we can move forward in addressing youth employment challenges. Check out our latest findings on private sector engagement here!

The S4YE Approach to addressing the challenge of youth employment is to change the way we work in order to find sustainable solutions for young people today and tomorrow: S4YE works to advance and accelerate the development of solutions that have the greatest potential to deliver high quality productive work for young people.


Connecting public sector, private sector, and civil society actors to integrate lessons learned, identify effective solutions, and accelerate impact on the ground through cross-sector collaboration and innovation


Pursuing a compelling learning agenda both by collecting and disseminating knowledge across the broad youth employment landscape, and through a targeted portfolio of high-impact initiatives.


Leveraging partners’ knowledge and resources to catalyse the promotion of private, public, and civil sector innovations, and operations that scale promising youth employment practices.