Youth Voice

To tackle youth unemployment, young people must have a greater say in the policies that directly affect them.  Recognizing the importance of youth voice, S4YE has formed the S4YE Youth Advisory Group (YAG) that consists of 17 talented and enterprising global youth. YAG provides input on the design of youth employment programs of S4YE and the World Bank, engages in S4YE’s knowledge work on the youth employment agenda, gains exposure and visibility in an international network and learns about governance and contributes to decision-making for the coalition. S4YE taps into their youth perspective and ensures young people have a voice in all activities of the coalition.

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S4YE Youth Innovating 4 Youth Series

This new series focuses on youth-led innovations for jobs and features youth innovators of Impact Portfolio (IP) projects, and/or Youth Advisory Group members working on new initiatives. Each webinar focuses on a different theme: green economy, orange economy, tech, women.

The transformation of economies and societies towards technological innovation and sustainability will offer the young population better employment opportunities in the future. But youth have an active role in generating sustainable employment solutions for youth. This webinar explored how organizations empower youth innovation and entrepreneurship for social and environmental impact and feature youth initiatives for the green economy.


YAG COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Blog series

S4YE recently launched the YAG COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Blog series which highlights the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people and discusses the approaches by YAG members to provide solutions to the effects of the crisis in their local community. You can find the latest blogs here:

If you would like to learn more about S4YE's youth engagement strategy and the S4YE Youth Advisory Group, please get in touch.