Asante Africa Foundation


Asante Africa Foundation is a global alliance of four member organizations (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and USA). The organization shares one name, one strategy, and one mission to educate and empower the next generation of change agents, whose dreams and actions transform the future for Africa and the world. Asante believes that everyone has talent and potential but not everyone has access to opportunities. It works to address this gap by partnering with local schools and communities in East Africa to provide educational resources and support to the youth (including young girls) so that they are able to reach their full potential. With input from parents, local leaders, and young people themselves, Asante’s programs educate and empower youth from communities “off the paved road” and prepare them with life skills and confidence to succeed both in the classroom and beyond. For 15 years, Asante has led and sustained coordinated action to harness the talent and potential of East Africa's adolescent and young people (ages 10-24) in extremely rural Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Founding year: 2011

Countries: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania 

Themes: Education, Marginalized Youth, Gender Equity, Green Economy, Digital Transformation 


Key Highlights


Business Ideation with Green Economy Income Generating Activities (IGAs).


Emphasis on gender equity and female empowerment, with active male allyship built in.


Pay-It-Forward and Globally Recognized Learn-Do-Teach ideology ensuring content reaches at least five other people outside the program.