1001fontaines designs and deploys sustainable safe drinking water solutions for vulnerable populations. The organization sets up water production units, trains local operators to professional standards and ensure the distribution of 20L bottles up to the last mile, at an affordable price for all. Philanthropic funding supports the initial stages of operations, until revenue from sales allows for the services to become self-sustaining on a national scale. Having demonstrated strong demand and willingness to pay for high-quality drinking water services across various contexts among vulnerable populations, 1001fontaines has achieved national scale and 100% self-sustained services in rural Cambodia, the organization’s flagship initiative. 1001fontaines serves a million consumers across 3 countries of operation (Cambodia, Madagascar, Vietnam), and ambitions to double their footprint by 2030, by becoming the preferred drinking water solution for vulnerable populations in 5 countries.

Founding year: 2004

Countries: Cambodia, Madagascar, Vietnam  

Themes: Access to safe drinking water 


Key Highlights


In Cambodia, 1001fontaines’s local partner organization operates the world's first sustainable rural network of safe water production and delivery kiosks, providing high-quality services to 1M people in more than 320 rural communities. 


In Madagascar, 1001fontaines has innovated an industrial reconditioning process to transform former vegetable oil jerricans into safe water containers for their services. This ensures cost efficiency and enables them to serve over 35,000 consumers with safe drinking water at an affordable price. This effort represents more than 250 tons of plastic waste avoided over the past 4 years, considering the plastic consumption from 1.5L single-use bottles as an alternative. 


1001fontaines has always believed in building local capabilities in order to ensure professionalism and resilience of the services delivered to vulnerable populations. They have developed in-house training courses that have enabled 1,000+ people to learn how to produce and deliver high-quality drinking water in challenging contexts, with a strong sense of customer service.