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Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE) is a global program that brings together donors, governments, foundations, private sector companies, NGOs and youth to support catalytic programs to increase the number of young people engaged in productive work.

The S4YE Secretariat is housed in the Jobs Group of the Social Protection and Jobs Global Practice at the World Bank. S4YE acts as a strategic gateway to connect youth employment stakeholders with over 150 youth employment operations of the World Bank. S4YE partners include the World Bank, Accenture, The Rockefeller Foundation, Mastercard Foundation, Microsoft, Plan International, International Youth Foundation (IYF), Youth Business International (YBI), RAND Corporation, the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Governments of Norway, Germany, the UN Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, and multiple private companies (over 35 large corporations1). Other bilateral partners that support S4YE through the Jobs MDTF include UK Aid, SIDA, and Austria.

This initiative is fueled by the need to address a growing challenge: In the next 10 years, more than 1 billion young people will enter the job market. This means that 5 million jobs are needed per month to accommodate this influx and maintain current employment levels in the developing world.

The S4YE coalition has an explicit commitment to work over a period of at least fifteen years to achieve its objectives. This timeline is proportionate to the scale of the challenge to understand and address the constraints on employment faced by young people.





To help address systemic and persistent unemployment and lack of quality jobs for youth across the world, S4YE’s mission is to identify, curate, learn from and scale up innovations in youth employment programs.


S4YE focuses on experimenting and piloting innovative solutions on the ground while working closely with the private sector and bringing together evidence based knowledge on specific topics of interest to the youth employment community

S4YE facilitates innovative solutions to youth employment at scale, through practical research and active engagement with public and private stakeholders. S4YE combines a pragmatic approach to identifying solutions for youth employment with an evidence-based advocacy platform for increase access to productive work for young people.

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S4YE is built on partnerships that support the execution of the Coalition’s goals and priorities. These partners come from across the public and private sectors, are at the forefront of their respective fields, and act as investors, champions, implementers, peer reviewers, and advocates who identify and promote innovative solutions for youth employment.

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Accelerating innovation


S4YE intends to develop and deliver innovative youth employment programs based on evidence from existing projects and that pull in ongoing lessons learned. These programs will integrate supply-side programs (e.g. training, job search assistance) with demand-side interventions to promote the creation of new jobs and improve the quality of existing jobs.

Our Programs



S4YE is developing a strong knowledge agenda by curating best practices from program innovations on the ground and building a robust database of flagship reports, briefs, tool kits, online discussions, blogs, and workshops. These products are then shared with partners, projects, and the broader global employment community.

Knowledge Base


Engagement with the young people and youth organizations is at the heart of S4YE

Youth drive S4YE's mission, across its governance, operations, and strategic development. Young people are incorporated into all levels of oversight, from the Board of Directors to the Secretariat. They are the heart of all our supported projects. Finally, their voices are reflected in the strategic plan and work streams, their expressed experiences and needs shaping the coalition's priorities.

Recognizing the importance of youth voice, S4YE has formed the S4YE Youth Advisory Group (YAG) that consists of 17 talented and enterprising global youth.