Enablecode’s mission is to solve the question – what future work exists and what modern cognitive skills needed to perform these human intelligence tasks, so the disadvantaged can work in the gig tech economy? The Business Process Outsourcing sector is unfortunately being rapidly replaced by emerging AI capabilities, putting at risk many vitally needed jobs for disadvantaged youth. The gaming sector appears to have many roles that could substitute this directly, plus provides the skills for future technology career paths. The gaming sector is very new, with virtual jobs in virtual companies for virtual currency – which points the way to many jobs of the future that will be created in other sectors. The gaming sector likely employs millions of disadvantaged youth, but little is yet researched on this. Our objective is to conduct truly groundbreaking surveys on the gaming sector and in the process move them towards social impact objectives. This will likely be using AI algorithms on labor rights, which could be an innovation for the wider global economy and regulation. There are also learnings and applications into the gamification of education, assessment and recruitment that will have a wider societal benefit.

Founding year: 2016 

Countries: Vietnam based, with global scope

Themes: AI, Future of Work, Gig Economy, Gaming 


Key Highlights


Enablecode is the first to survey the gaming industry through the lens of social impact and development targets.  


Enablecode collaborates with various stakeholders to give AI social impact targets. 


Enablecode looks at labor rights through AI algorithms.