Creative Economy Alliance  for Diversity and Youth


Internationally, cultural and creative industries employ more people between the age 15−29 than any other sector. Creative industries rank among the four sectors of the economy with the highest employment of women. In total, cultural and creative industries employ nearly 50 million people worldwide. According to forecasts, the economic impact is expected to triple by 2030, by which time it will account for ten percent of global GDP. 
Although the cultural and creative industries have enormous social and economic potential, this often remains untapped. There is a lack of government support, needs-based training, strong advocacy groups, appropriate funding, and market access for creative professionals. Structural challenges include low wages, a lack of social protection, little copyright protection and insufficient diversity in managerial positions. 
The Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), World Bank and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) have joined hands to establish a Creative Economy Alliance with a focus on supporting diversity and youth. The Alliance will foster global collaboration, provide a platform to exchange knowledge, experiences, and ideas, and find solutions to support the Creative Economy. 

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Build partnerships and collaborate to develop solutions on how to support youth employment and diversity in cultural and creative industries. 

Share knowledge and good practices to promote evidence-based decision making among supporters of the cultural and creative industries. 

Listen to the voices of young creatives from diverse backgrounds and genders to create needs-oriented support that considers emerging trends in cultural and creative industries. 

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